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Games created by bootleg (Sidam)

7 records found.
  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
Asterock (bootleg of Asteroids)Asterock (bootleg of Asteroids)  (clone of: asteroid1979  bootleg (Sidam)  asterockShooter / Field0.00
 Borderline (Sidam bootleg)  (clone of: brdrline1981  bootleg (Sidam)  brdrlins 0.00
Crush Roller (bootleg set 3)Crush Roller (bootleg set 3)  (clone of: crush1981  bootleg (Sidam)  crushs 0.00
Head On (Sidam bootleg, set 1)Head On (Sidam bootleg, set 1)  (clone of: headon1979  bootleg (Sidam)  headons 0.00
Head On (Sidam bootleg, set 2)Head On (Sidam bootleg, set 2)  (clone of: headon1979  bootleg (Sidam)  headonsa 0.00
Head On 2 (Sidam bootleg)Head On 2 (Sidam bootleg)  (clone of: headon21979  bootleg (Sidam)  headon2s 0.00
Missile Combat (Sidam bootleg)Missile Combat (Sidam bootleg)  (clone of: missile1980  bootleg (Sidam)  mcombats 0.00